Security checkpoint solutions for Airports (including automated screening systems with integrated tray return systems)

Alberto Servienti collaborates (as Technical-Commercial Consultant, for the Italian and French-speaking markets) with the Danish Company WO Airport Interior A/S (, one of the market leading Companies in their sector, which manufactures and supplies high standard and high quality security checkpoint solutions for Airports (including automated screening systems with integrated tray return systems).

In particular, WO Airport Interior A / S have already supplied their cabin baggage automated security control lanes to Copenhagen (CPH), Oslo ( OSL), Malta (MLA), Riga (RIX) and Scandinavian Mountains (SCR) Airports.

WO Airport Interior A/S design and build standardized modular systems (such as: tray dispenser module, linear transportation, curves, X-ray or CT integration, diverter, automatic tray return, rescanning and inspection), which can be added to an array of variants (such as: length on the unpacking and repacking zone, right and left mirrored versions, panel colors and other design surfaces, remote screening enabled with RFId-tracking of all trays) to obtain a fully customized solution and the best security process for each Airport.

WO Airport Interior A/S continuously focus on optimization of the passenger flow and throughput rate, without compromising passenger experience and staff health, to reach high process efficiency and ease of maintenance, taking into account good ergonomic and environmental solutions.

Standardized modules:

  • dispenser module for trays
  • linear transportation
  • curves
  • integration of X-ray or CT screening equipment
  • baggage diverter for bags to be checked manually
  • automatic return of the trays
  • manual baggage inspection table


  • length of the areas for filling and emptying the trays
  • right and left mirror versions
  • colors and surfaces of the cladding panels
  • remote screen analysis of images by Security operators
  • tracking of all trays via RFId system