Collaboration Agreement with the Chinese Company Eagle New Energy Technology Co., Ltd – Marine and Industrial Sectors

Alberto Servienti collaborates (as Technical-Commercial Consultant) with the Chinese Company Eagle New Energy Technology Co. Ltd (

Eagle New Energy Technology Co, one of the market leading Companies in their sector, which design, develop, manufacture and supply high output and high efficiency LED lights for harsh environments, explosion-proof and hazardous location lighting, as well as permanent and portable lighting solutions, for applications in marine and industrial settings.

After years of efforts, Eagle New Energy Technology Co., Ltd has developed its key differentiator in this highly saturated market of LED lighting products, by cultivating a strategic partnership with USA Company DuraBrite, whose owner vision drives to focus on robust engineering, premium quality, and a relentless pursuit of innovation.

Brightness and long-term reliability are the main characteristics of products, which are perfectly suitable for use in manufacturing facilities, refineries, aerospace facilities, as well as spray paint booths.

Below is a shortlist of main types of products:

  • Explosion-Proof Lights;
  • Corrosion Resistant Luminaries (for marine use);
  • Emergency Lights;
  • Boat Lights and Fishing Lights;
  • Construction, Trucking, and Mining Lights;
  • High-Power Modular Stadium Lights.

Driven by the continuous decline in global pricing and the continuous quest for improvement in quality, Eagle New Energy Technology Co., Ltd continuously strive to provide their Customers with high optical output, low energy consumption, and the most cost-effective premium products.

List of products

Product Name Remarks Picture
Nano Sport


Colors: White, Black

Mini Sport

MPS16500D1SX REV. –

Colors: White, Black

Power: 100W / 140W

Portable Mini Sport Colors: Black