Senior Advisor of Tiber International Group Inc. (USA) – Airport and Infrastructure Industries

Alberto Servienti, collaborates (as Senior Advisor) with the US Company Tiber International Group Inc. (1300 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Suite 700, Washington, DC 20004 –

Tiber International Group is a global facilitator that uniquely combines the expertise of professional engineers, offering business development services in support of a company’s expansion plans in North America, Europe, Caribbean, Centre and South America and Africa.

Tiber International’s value proposition is to enhance a company’s strategy in new and existing markets by providing business development and advisory services in the fields of energy and infrastructure.

Tiber International core team includes professional engineers with decades of in field expertise, as well as a roster of partner economists and financers that will help Companies navigate economic and financial analysis

Tiber International Group’s strategists have worked in the major developed countries as well as in the developing world and are multi-lingual.
With Headquarters in the American Capital Washington, DC, Tiber International Group promote relations with international financial institutions, as well as organizes and coordinates workshops on specific programs conducted by development banks, government officials of foreign countries and international investors to broaden the exposure to opportunities in developing countries.

Tiber International Group’s Key Advantages:

  • Over three decades of experience working with large engineering and construction companies.
  • Knowledge base and network to access new prospects.
  • Technical assistance in the identification of best opportunities in order to mitigate investment risks.
  • Specialized on bridging best top Italian and American companies to create powerful joint ventures or acquisitions.
  • Understanding how-to best approach and manage multilateral financial institutions in the identification and procurement of new opportunities in Africa and in the Americas (North, Centre and South) and Caribbean Islands.
  • Strategic positioning at the heart of major institutions that provide financial and technical assistance to developing countries.