Alberto Servienti is a mechanical engineer with 30 years’ experience, 18 years of which were spent in the Airports/Aviation sector. Alberto provides technical and commercial consultancy services to Companies and Airports.

With regard to Airport Infrastructures, Alberto offers the following main areas of expertise:

  • Airport passenger terminals;
  • Passenger transport facilities (elevators, escalators and moving walkways);
  • Passenger Boarding Bridges (APRON drive type PBBs).
  • Baggage Handling Systems (BHS);
  • Airport Cargo Warehouses, and
  • UHS – ULD handling systems.
At the new Istanbul Grand Airport (IGA) – 2019

Throughout his career, Alberto Servienti has managed and supervised all design activities, comprising planning, programming, development, control and testing. He has also gained extensive experience in managing human and material resources and has also gained increased experience in designing rolling stock and industrial presses, as well as airport infrastructure and facilities.

Working in S.E.A. S.p.A. (Milan Linate and Malpensa Airports’s Operator Company) Alberto Servienti has spent 13 years as the Head of the Automated Systems Dept. for the design of automated equipment for transport and handling of passengers, bags and goods – having personally designed most of the automated systems for Linate, Malpensa Terminals 1 and 2 and Malpensa Cargo City – and 5 years as Head of Infrastructure and Systems Design Dept. and as Infrastructure and Systems Design Post Holder.

Following this extensive period of experience, Alberto Servienti decided to leave S.E.A. S.p.A. to launch his own business. With this new enterprise, Alberto Servienti provides consultancy services to Companies and Airports based on his experience in Airport Infrastructure, both related to civil works and equipment, with a particular focus on those systems existing mainly or exclusively at airports (such as: BHS, UHS, PBB and flight infrastructure, etc..).

Alberto Servienti worked for:


Alberto Servienti’s significant experience – as Infrastructure and Systems Design Post Holder, Head of Infrastructure and Systems Design Dept. and Head of the Procedure in the Design Phase in compliance with Legislative Decree No. 50/2016 – the Public Contract Code – includes organization, management, control and issue of all Projects carried out in 2017–19 for the functional, operational and regulatory Refurbishment of Linate Airport. This major projects led to the closure of Milan Linate Airport for 3 months (from 27 July to 26 October 2019).

The main projects carried out involved:

  • Demolition and reconstruction of passengers terminal Building “F”, adding two extra floors;
  • Refurbishment of the BHS/HBS system to comply with regulations by incorporating CT EDS Standard 3 ECAC equipment;
  • Refurbishment of Runway 18/36 and Taxiway Tango and realization of civil works for the installation of 400Hz equipment.

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Sector-specific Skills

During 18.5 years of working in Linate and Malpensa Airports’ Operator, Alberto Servienti has gained a deep working knowledge of airports, and not only from an infrastructural and equipment/systems design perspective, but also regarding operational processes (managing people in departures, arrivals and transfer, managing of cargo warehouses for import, export and land/air transfer of goods; managing of terminating, originating and transfer bags; aircraft and vehicles ground movement control; and all related processes (handling, refueling, cleaning, etc.).
Alberto Servienti has also had in-depth knowledge of how the operational management and maintenance of an airport is organized, how land side processes are managed (taxis, Public Local Transportation buses, Tourists buses, car parks, etc.), how wayfinding, operating and passenger signs are organized and structured, which are the key aspects and functioning of airport security and safety (having participated as a member of the Airport Safety Board) and safety at work. Alberto Servienti has also had experience in gaining airport certification of compliance with EASA Regulation 139/2014, among others.

Professional skills and role

Within the field of Infrastructure Design and Management, Alberto Servienti has drawn up infrastructure and equipment/systems projects, which he organized and managed all the way from concept, design, tendering and implementation stages to testing and commissioning.
As the Head of the Procedure in the Design Phase (according to Legislative Decree No. 50/2016) Alberto Servienti is an expert in setting up, organizing and managing projects in compliance with the Public Contract Code.
In previous years, Alberto also served as chairman for numerous Offers’ Assessment Committees for projects awarded with a tender.

Alberto Servienti has carried out many functional and performance tests (also in his capacity as the Chairman of the Testing Committee) of BHS and UHS plants.
He put in service (issuing the Usability Report) for more than 100 infrastructure works involving extraordinary maintenance (flight infrastructure, road works, civil infrastructure in terminals and buildings, and airport systems) realized directly by the Airport Operator and for amounts of up to EUR 1m. Alberto Servienti has also been involved in works realized by third-party airport contractors (more specifically, those operating commercial spaces for food & beverage and retail services, vehicle-hire check-in desks and administrative offices for third-party contractors, among others).