“Winnili” (which means “victorious fighters”) is the ancient name of the Lombards when they still lived in Scania (the Southern region of Sweden).

Publio Cornelio Tacitus speaks about the Vinnilians (or Winnilians) with some admiration as a small people whose population, he says, was counterbalanced by their unimpeachable unity, and warlike virtues, which rendered them secure in the midst of the numerous and mighty tribes around them.

After moving from Scania to Germany and Pannonia, they eventually settled in northern Italy (around 570 AD), gradually changing their name to Longbeards, Langobards, Longobards, Lombards, Lombardi, and finally giving the name to the current Lombardy Region, of which Milan is the capital city (city in which Alberto Servienti was born, lives and works).

Winnili – sYstem eXperience:the name “Winnili” derives from the Anglo-Saxon root “win”, which subsequently spawned the English verb “to win”.
The characteristics of industriousness, toughness and pragmaticity of the Milanese and Lombards therefore also derive from this small people called “Winnili”.

The sub-title “sYstems eXperience” has been associated with the name Winnili in order to highlight the constructive, functional and operational knowledge of the various systems that make up an assembly, and in particular, that make up an airport.

Winnili is the “brand” with which Alberto Servienti operates on the market as a consultant